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  • To expand the children’s mental power and improve whole brain development
  • To accelerate the learning process and improve self-esteem.
  • To inculcate in children the habit of careful observation and imagination.
  • To stimulate children’s interest in math and improves their self-confidence. 

The general conception of the people about mental arithmetic is all about the magic of Numbers & Science logic. The student would be able to maintain calm and have full concentration. Thus, achieving the total growth of both mental and intelligence through the calculation of numbers. Synergy of left and right brain is needed when performing mental arithmetic calculation. It is also a key to the development of intelligence. Therefore, mental arithmetic is not a technique of calculation, but rather training for the development of intelligence. Through mental arithmetic training, the brain of the child will be boosted and nurtured into a Smart Brain!

Mental Arithmetic can be done using the pen or bead. In the Pen method, pen and paper are being used to perform the calculation. In the Bead method, students use an imaginary abacus in their minds to calculate the answer. We can use the bead method to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The different methods of calculation can be divided into:

Dictation – This is also called listening to mental arithmetic. Someone will read aloud the number and the listener will perform the calculation

Viewing – The person will use the numbers that he sees and imagines the number to be the beads on an abacus. He will use this imaginary abacus to perform the calculation.

Silent Dictation – The person will dictate to himself silently and use an imaginary abacus to perform the   calculation.

Mental arithmetic is a mental development. It helps to enhance a child’s learning capability and it removes the hurdles of learning. More importantly, mental arithmetic would enable the child to concentrate on learning, expansion of his memory, better understanding, and better logical judgment. These four elements would build a solid foundation for the child to face the ever changing and competitive environment.

According to a survey, child undergoing mental arithmetic training, have their concept on numbers and knowledge better than those not being trained. His learning capability will be developed and established earlier. His performance will peak if he gets arithmetic training between 5 to 12 years of age.

Perseverance is vital in acquiring the skills of performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations mentally. It will take about 2 – 3 years to master the skills, depends on the students’ performance.

It starts from the capturing of numbers and with the help of the visual, audio, sense of touch and movements, the numbers are being imported into the brain. By combining the knowledge of numbers that are already in the memory, imagination, reasoning and judgment, instructions are given out to the fingers to move the beads. From here, the method of calculation using beads are being shifted to the brain. Hence, mental arithmetic is a method of calculation by integrating thinking and movement. When performing calculation, one must be able to memorize the numbers immediately, while having visual of the beads, perform virtual movement of the beads and calculation at the same time. One must have the strong power of thinking, memory, concentration, and imagination, or else would not be able to perform well in mental arithmetic.

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