Young children typically learn basic calculation through the fingercounting technique. This approach is deemed as an introductory skill to help children visually understand number facts, but it poses difficulty for them to comprehend numeric relationship when all ten fingers are held up. While regular math adopted in school allows children to go beyond counting fingers, it relies heavily on children’s limited memory and brainpower to solve arithmetic problems, thereby restraining them from getting accurate answer and increasing their speed.

Master Mental Arithmetic provides the golden key for children to discover the potential within them. Through its far more superior methods combining mental arithmetic and concrete bead-based abacus, children can relate number values and comprehend mathematical concepts more easily and would gain total growth of mental agility and mental clarity. Thus, the synergy between left brain and right brain is achieved.

Abacus and mental arithmetic are not just a technique of calculation, but also an effective training for the development of intelligence. So don’t leave your child to the traditional math method, join us today to boost and nurture your child’s brain and turn it into a Smart Brain!

The Benefits of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic:


Stimulate both left and right brains and improve whole brain development


Create higher learning capability and self-esteem


Enhance observation and photographic memory


Perform calculation with amazing speed and accuracy


Inculcate imagination and creativity


Promote longer concentration span